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If you're familiar with other claim communities then you should know the basics of this one. However if you are new to claim communities this is one dedicated to all things Nascar. You can claim anything associated with Nascar be it a driver, a crew chief, or even a track. Hopefully things go smoothly and you enjoy being part of the community. Like other communities we have a couple of rules and they are as follows:

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1. You can claim the following:
-2 Drivers per person
-2 Car or car paint schemes per person
-1 Crew Chief
-1 Track
-1 Other thing (body part, laugh, hauler, etc)

2. You need to state when you make your claim if you will share what it is you're claiming. If you do decide to share that person, or thing can be shared with 1 other person.

3. I will try to keep the claim listed as updated as possible. Look there first before making a claim to check and see if what you want is available.

You can find the updated claim list Here

And that's all. Have fun!

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